Friday, 9 January 2009

aRCe: Expect the unexpected.

Sometimes life deals you a strange card, something you didn't expect. This can come in many forms, for me this came in the form of somebody else who is just like me.
For some random reason I was browsing the internet for "aRCe", there's companies and even the blog I posted about before, but then I noticed arce being spelt "aRCe" the way I spell it. Interested I clicked on it, it was the myspace of a guy from canada, fair enough but then I read more.

About Me
"I am a combination of a realist and a dreamer. I speak the unspoken and get a kick out of living. I write as a living and living writes me. My life is fueled and nourished by the most addictive drug on earth; Music. Without it I cannot go on. I live life by my own quote "accept me or reject me, what I am is who I am" - plain and simple."

For people that know me they will understand what I mean... every single sentence in this paragraph sums up me.

I'm a realist and a dreamer
I write scripts and want to do it as a job.
I love music.. along with colour it can give me a weird drug feeling.

The guy even has a blog.. its about music, fair enough, but he also is a really big fan of underground artist Ryan Leslie.

You could say its a coincidence that somebody likes the same music, writes scripts etc. but all of it... the same alias.. basically the same quote.

This makes my supposed Australian look-a-like seem a lot less strange.