Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Future: Wireless Electricity

Recently the technology world has all been about making things wireless. We had mobile phones, then wireless transfer, then wireless internet etc. The thing that has always held things back has been the power cable. The phone needs to be charged every so often, the flat screen has to have a cord to the power supply. Wires look messy and can take away from a nice looking piece of Kit. This video shows two pieces of technology which allow the user to have wireless power. Supposedly they will be released in about 3 years. I'm sure that there will be controversy over whether they will effect our brains and stuff and truth is with strong magnets charging devices around your home people may have something to worry about.
However with all the safety laws I'm sure it will be safe when released.. imagine being on a train to work, checking your emails and charging your phone at the same time, never will you be disconnected.. the future sounds good.