Friday, 1 January 2010

Best of 2009!!

Last year had lots of great viral video's, comedy clips, creative designs and technology break throughs. I've picked my top 10 favourite blog posts. The world changes a lot in a year, in January I was posting about a new social mini blogging site called Twitter by September it was my job. Okay so the top 10

10. Toy Story 3 Trailer

9. Advert: Hydro

8. Programmable Matter

7. Post Secret

6. Crown Fountain

5. Brainport

4. Fake Disney Land

3. Greatest Freak Out

2. Disappearing Car Door

And Finally.....(drum roll)

1. Rage

I worked for Adventure Pictures (a film company) that produced Sally Potter's RAGE. I helped the company market the premier of the film, this led to me helping market the BFI retrospective for Sally Potter and another job I will taking part in next week... More on that soon.

Hope everybody has a fun 2010 and gets what they want out of life. If you haven't achieved something, you just haven't achieved it yet.