Monday, 29 March 2010

Poetry: Hero (So Far)

Hero was like a mini project. I wrote the poem around October time and then spent the next few months tweaking it. I then sent it to a select group of people that I call my testers, people that will give me honest opinions. I then organised Sam Bradford to come to Ravensbourne to shoot the art work and then finally the piece was edited.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read it and hopefully you got something out of it. The poem along with an article about me is going to be in the Bromley Times and Bexley Times this week. I had a photoshoot on friday and an interview today. I'm a little nervous about what will be wrote about me and what the picture will look like. Still I'm looking forward to it. I'VE BEEEEENNNNN PUBLLLIISSHHEDD!!!

This isn't the end though, far from it, next up is a poem called "Butterflies" it's aimed at a female audience, it's quite different from hero and is wrote as if it was the person's thoughts, it's non descript as well, can be a boy or girl. The piece will look like pages of a scrap book. Should be finished soon...