Thursday, 23 December 2010

Fashion: aRCe Clothing - I Love LDN TOO

I worked on a little clothing project for a friend of mine called Anthony White. He wanted an I Love London T-shirt but wanted the "Too" added to it.  The design is pretty simple and I think it worked in its final form, could imagine this being worn with a blazer and jeans. I have learnt that there is a clear difference between making something for yourself and making something for somebody else. You have to not only work out what other will think of the design but more importantly focus on what the person you are making it for will think of it. That may be obvious but when actually creating designs it makes things a lot more difficult. In this case I think I did the job well, Ant was happy with the final product and that was the main point.

At the moment I'm actually creating a new set of designs for aRCe Clothing with a smarter approach. I'm going with minimalistic design with one standout part to each piece. I also have a new logo specifically for the pieces which I will unveil in time. I'm also designing with the idea of selling this time, who knows if I will actually go through with the selling process.....

More Info Coming Soon!!