Friday, 31 December 2010

Top 10 of 2010

I have looked through the blog posts from this year. There has been many amazing and creative finds and lots of things I have achieved and accomplished. I have made what I believe to be the top 10 blog posts, let me know your thoughts;

10 Upside Down Beer Tap

GrinOn Industries took dispensors to the next level this year by creating a beer tap that fills from the bottom.

9 Ikea's Newspaper Advertising
Just when you thought news paper advertising had its limits and nobody could put a new twist on it the advertising company working with Ikea did just that. The reader pulls the paper to the right and the page below shows the inside of the cupboard genius.

9 Gap Upside Down store

Gap's New York store decided to turn the shop upsaide down to gain more publicity. They even turned things outside of the shop upside down, crazy stuff.

8 Christian TV Fresh Prince Prank

Prank calling was taken to the next level when a caller managed to make the presenters explain the fresh prince story multiple times on the show.

7 Man Made Island

An island off of Mexica made from bottle and netting really captured my imagination. This is what happens when a simple idea is taken ot the extreme and is actually achieved.

6 Scrap Book of Many Authors
A project started to raise money to help children in the philipeans learn to read. The scrap book is currently travelling around the world being filled with great art. I've signed up to take part in this and will post my images once I get the book.

Read more @

5 Hawaii Chair

The best WWTT? moment of 2010 was when a company thought a spinning chair would be a good idea for the work place. What Where They Thinking?

4 Shadow Art

Kumi Yamashita a young Japanese artist brought something new to the table by making complicated shapes out of shadows. Find out more here;

3 Spartan golf Logo
One of the greatest logos and the perfect example of what negative space. The logo for Spartan Golf is so perfect as both a spartan face and a golfer its amazing. This design has lead to me creating negative space art for my book.

2 Hero
I realise this is my poem but this was one of my greatest achievements this year. A project that took me months of preparation and writing finally paid off. Plus it showed people exactly what I'm trying to achieve with my on going book.

1 5 News Papers in 1 week and the front page!!
I've given this achievement the number 1 postiion and my favourite blog post of 2010. Something that went from a simple email to a newspaper asking if they can feature one of my poems spiralled into a lot of coverage in my area.

Lets hope next year is filled with blog posts that are more creative and even more extreme than this year. I hope everybody has a happy new year and your resolutions are achieved :)