Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Marketing: McDonalds Canada Behind the Scenes

McDonalds Canada have started a great Social Media campaign. They have decided to answer your questions in video form, giving you a glimpse behind the scenes. The video above answers the questions "Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?". The company have shown the process and explained why they do each step. Social media is all about creating that stream of interaction with your customers.

Most companies answer questions in text form giving simple answers which satisfy the customer. McDonalds have turned these answers into interesting videos that can be watched by millions of people. This simple, yet great idea has turned into one of the best youtube campaigns I have seen in recent years.

Other videos in the series include "Does your Egg McMuffin use real eggs? They look to perfect" which the company managed to turn into an egg cracking competition between staff members.