Saturday, 13 June 2009


I have basically finished uni now, the final Ravensbourne films will be showcased on here very soon, they're currently just being tweaked.
They are;
A Lecture in Love
Rishtay Relations
& Confusion

It's been a big learning curve over the past few years and I hope that I will continue to make movies. At the moment I'm hoping to get a job in the industry and work my way up but also I think I'm going to start doing something else creative in my spare time, haven't worked out exactly what yet but I need to experiment with something new. I guess I'll say more on that soon...

I have found its hard to measure how many hits my page and videos should ideally be getting, The Morris Men Documentary is now @ 533 views and its only been up for a few months, Which I'm really pleased about. You can view it @
My blog has been having a steady stream of people daily and I hope that continues.
Thank you for visiting